After over 15 years of serving loyal clients, nails® has set the standards for the nail care and grooming industry in Abu Dhabi - a lofty statement indeed but one which we have proven over and over again across all the years of serving one blissful client after the other. It is evident in our five studios that are located in Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious commercial and retail spaces. It is palpable in the uber chic interiors of our setups and demonstrated through the skillful hands of our 180 professionally certified technicians and beauticians who cater to hundreds of clients every day.

Odds are, if you live or have visited Abu Dhabi, then you’ve been to and loved nails®.

The rationale behind our success is quite simple. We never lost sight of what mattered to us most: you, our clients.

We set out to lead and the only way to do that was to ensure a 100% commitment to client satisfaction each and every time. It was not only the awards, nor the number or location of our studios, or even the qualifications of our staff that got us here today:
It’s because it has always been about you, all the time, every time.

It is our single-minded obsession to guarantee we give you what you expect from us – a superior quality of services in an immaculate setting by expert technicians at a great value. Our winning formula is promised by many but not a single one delivers it like nails®.

Visit any of our studios and find out for yourself.