Accessories & Implements

  • Pedi-Sox
    Pedi-Sox 75 AED

    A light Toeless pedicure sox designed to embrace and caress the foot. Perfect for year round usage and warmer climates where the heavier weight material may be too ample. Great for home spa, pedicure, and foot health use. A must for heel therapy and repair of dry cracked skin.One size fits all, available in 10 fun spring time colors and designs. 

  • Flipsters
    Flipsters 120 AED

    Stylish and durable fold-up flip flops with a pierce-proof rubber outsole, soft cushioned foot bed, satin straps (that don’t rub between your toes) and a unique sole (a highly abrasion resistant but flexible elastic rubber blend). Flipsters can accompany you to a pedicure, beach, wedding, party, work or even in your travel (100 % waterproof and cool machine washable).

  • Essie Nail File
    Essie Nail File 20 AED

    Essie professional file is one of the top choices for crafting and styling your nails the way you want. It refines new and rebalanced enhancements, as well as, shapes natural nails. Perfect size to be carried around in a bag for those emergency uses!

  • Essie Crystal File
    Essie Crystal File 25 AED

    Ever-lasting surface shock-resistant case helps prevent splitting and peeling. A specially designed, crystal nail file for natural nails imported from the Czech Republic. Perfectly shapes natural nails while leaving them smooth.  Ever-lasting abrasive surface wash, sanitize or sterilize for repeated use.

  • nails® Black Wooden Nail File
    nails® Black Wooden Nail File 15 AED

    Used professionally at nails®, a sparkly black emery board nail file that can be used for gentle smoothing or shaping of your fingernails and toenails. 

  • nails® Foot File
    nails® Foot File 35 AED

    Used professionally at nails®, a high-grade durable foot file designed to remove callus or any rough, dry or hard skin from your feet and toes. As a result, you will gain long-lasting, soft, smooth and healthy feet.

  • nails® Sanding Block
    nails® Sanding Block 15 AED

    Used professionally at nails®, a superb pink block that can be used to softly buff and shape uneven toenail surfaces before the application of regular polish, UV gel or acrylic extentions. 

*All prices are subject to 5% VAT charge