As a nails® client, we appreciate the fact that you are first and foremost a woman.

You are a woman before being whatever else you’ve set out your role in society to be:
mother   athlete   philanthropist    doctor   engineer
student   artist   
professional   fashionista   entrepreneur

We recognize that it is the woman in you that makes you better at what you do and we can relate to how challenging and time demanding that might be.

nails® studios are about bringing out the best in you,
polishing your beauty and rejuvenating your inner self, quickly and effectively. We have invested our energy in understanding your needs, tailoring our services to cater to them, mastering effective beauty techniques and finding innovative products. In an effort to continue setting the standards for the nail care and beauty industry, we renovated our studios this year to set up a serene and efficient environment so that

it takes much of our time to spoil you... 
but only a little of yours.

Our vision at nails® is to grow organically across the Middle East and to make our superior services accessible to all those who wish to indulge in the
simple pleasures of being a woman.